It’s time to take off the blinders!


blinders horse“If we want to have the freedom to live the life we want. We have to take off the blinders, we must have the vision to see where we want to be.” Pat Sanchez

Have you felt discontent lately? Feel like you’re drifting?


frustration of rate race

Overwhelm, indecision, upset, unhappy, angry, confusion, lost, disappointed, controlled, these are just some of the words that can be used for when a person is feeling discontent with what they are doing in life.

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Have your ever struggled? I want to share something with you…

I haven’t posted a blog post since December 2014. Shame on me!

If you want something bad enough

My excuse? I didn’t have time. The number one excuse of 98% of people. But that’s not my excuse because I know how to make time. The truth of why I haven’t posted lately is because I did not have the motivation to do it and because I haven’t felt 100% in alignment with what I blog about. Even though I am 100% passionate about what I write about. I’ll explain more later on.

So what have I been up to lately while I have not been writing? I have been working on my real estate rental business. I have been focusing on my full-time job and accomplishing good things there. I have been working on my passion and that is coaching basketball, and coaching my kids. I have been focused on my family, working on communication with them. I have been focused on improving my relationship with my wife. And I have been working on myself and growing myself, bridging the gap from childhood feelings to adult thoughts.

So in all I have done a lot, a lot to be really proud of. I have learned what I am really good at and what makes me happy. And if I can do it, so you can you. But that’s a teaching for another post in the future.

So why did I not feel 100% in alignment with what I blog about?

I took a lot of time this year to self analyze myself and learn about me. I am going to share with you  something personal. Something I have shared only with those closest to me. Something I want to share that I think could help others. But definitely something that is out of my comfort zone.

comfort zone

And this is out of my comfort zone, but it is time to grow.

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What lessons did I learn in 2014?

2014 Year in Review


Well with the year almost over I felt like writing some of the lessons I learned in 2014…

… the year was long and fun, and it is a year I took a lot of action in. Was it the action I wanted?

Well of course it was.

So what are some of the things I did in 2014 and the lessons I learned?

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Confidence and why you need it!

Confidence is  one of the most important self sustaining life skills that a person needs to get through life and to achieve what they were put here on this planet to do…


We are all put here for a reason. But it takes confidence to find that purpose. Why would I say it takes confidence to find your life’s purpose? First let me tell you what I feel is a good definition of confidence.

Confidence is a feeling you have that drives bold actions towards things you want. It is having some faith in yourself that when you speak up, people will listen, and when you go for something, you’ll get it. It’s trusting yourself and knowing you can overcome obstacles.

If you don’t have faith in yourself, if you don’t have a strong desire or feeling to drive yourself towards the things you want, then you will not have the confidence or motivation needed to find your life’s passion.

How do we start developing and losing confidence?


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7 tips to keep you productive to reach your goals

7 tips to keep you productive to reach goals

Reaching goals can sometimes become a difficult task. Most of us know the big picture the end result. But we don’t know how to get there.

Reach Your Goals

We know how to start but not how to finish. What most of us don’t realize is that taking the first step is sometimes the hardest part of reaching a goal. If we were able to keep momentum and take the next step and the next step and the step after, all the way until we reach our goal, then what would our lives look and feel like?

If we found tools or tips that taught us the secrets of moving forward, of organizing our ideas, of knowing what to work on, of finding people to help us, of celebrating our small milestones. Would we be more productive? Would we reach more of our goals?

Do goals always need to be professional or can they personal as well?

I think goals are personal as well as professional.

As for productivity, here are the things that work for me to reach my goals. My hope is that these tips and tools help to motivate and inspire you to take action to reach your goals.

7 Tips and Tools I use to keep me productive and to reach my goals.

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Four lessons learned about taking action from watching the Vikings

What did I learn about Taking Action from the Vikings?


This show has taken America by storm. I have to say I enjoy it for a number of reasons, but this post is about taking action, so I will talk about the reason I like it related to success. Based on history and fiction, the Vikings combines drama, war, brutality with love, passion, family, friendship and loyalty.

It has many lessons in it and it’s a really fun show to watch.

After reading about Viking history and the sagas of the Vikings, I have come to understand this, they are still talked about today because they did one very important thing,— They took action!

History isn’t always pretty, but it has many lessons that we can learn from it. However one thing is certain. The people and cultures we tend to study the most, have one thing in common. At one point in history they decided to take action.

Here are the four lessons I took from the Vikings about taking action.


An idea is nothing without putting it into action

-An Idea is not worth anything unless it (1)
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How to get things done and still have time to play.

Get things done, achieve great things and still have time to play.


Is it really possible to achieve great things, get things done and have time to play?

The answer is yes.

But how?

We have so many reasons as to why we are to busy to have fun.

enjoy-the-journeyWe need to stay and get this done. We need do it ourselves. We have go here, we need to go there.

The truth is, the things we think we need to do right now, will always be here waiting for us tomorrow.

So take a minute to today and go have some fun.

Now with that being said, there are things we need to prioritize and get done. I’m not saying to ignore those. What I’m saying is prioritize and set time limits for yourself, and be sure to enjoy life.

You cannot work all day and all night, and expect to be happy. To often we are so focused on the goal and the future, that we forget to enjoy the present moment and what is going on around us.

One thing that I learned is when you are thinking back to your past memories that were good, do you see yourself in them enjoying the moment or are watching from the side?

If you are not actually in them, and enjoying the moment, and you see yourself watching from the side, then you are not actually enjoying the present. If you’re observing your memories from the side you are to busy worrying about the future, that you are not enjoying the journey.

Life is not measured by the achievements we make, but by the memories that we create and enjoy on our way to those achievements. By the moments that take our breath away. 

3 things to do get things done and have time to play.

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